Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1st – another quiet day at sea

Hard to believe but we have been on board almost two weeks!

For all who were concerned I must tell you that the bird has flown – certain deposits are the only evidence of its roost. I was made more optimistic for its survival by the fact that even as far out to sea as we are we see seabirds around the ship feeding on the flying fish.

Today was a seafood lunch day and Merle took pictures of the décor and delights. Smoked Fish of various descriptions, Smoked Salmon, Crab Legs and a whole baked Salmon covered in puff pastry. I am not a big fish eater but did enjoy tastes.

Merle maintained her cult following and you can see the ladies at work at the coveted spot. Jacky from Yorkshire is sitting with Merle and the two of them are beading together

In addition to attracting attention for her beading skills; Merle also attracted the attention of one of the lecturers on the ship – the travel lecturer. Richard lives in Panama and apparently farms coffee. He was mightily impressed by the coffee press Merle bought in Lima that was sitting on the table. He wanted to try it and made a pot with his personal Arabica roast. It was very good and I am pleased to say I came away with an additional supply of his coffee – all the evidence being visible if you look carefully enough at the photo.

Another day at sea tomorrow then Easter Island and the answer to your many questions regarding large stone statues, putative alien statue haulers and boobies (of the winged variety)


  1. I have been waiting eagerly for first post in feb... Good that hear your coffee woes behind you. Food looks amazing! I think your quiet days at sea sound divine!

  2. Seafood looks mighty scrumptious. Don't know how y'all are keeping fit when the food keeps looking better and better

  3. What happened to chefs finger? Looks like he has crab claw...

  4. I just took a closer look at the said photo and i do see some contraband in a ziploc bag!!

  5. Niki. His name is Arcel, 3rd Cook.

  6. Sometimes we must travel far for a good cup of coffee! I am hungry now looking at your pix but alas, cereal for me. Truly, all looks so relaxing and wonderful. No surprise that Mama gathers more friends each day...Niki gained that trait from her as well! Continued happy sailing and I look forward to Dum Dum pix from Easter Island.