Monday, February 28, 2011

A lovely little town by the sea

What a surprising day today was!!!
First off, we received the Academy Awards telecast live with no commercials from the Red Carpet coverage all the way to the choir singing “somewhere over the rainbow”. We are now only 13 hours ahead of New York so we are talking about the Oscars being on all morning here on the ship (and actually on one of our TV stations in the room). I was not particularly caught up in the whole thing – in fact went to my Bridge group at 11 then to the gym at noon; but others we know were really into the whole thing. I was pleased about the results ie ‘Kings Speech’ – which we had seen in Fort Lauderdale and enjoyed but hadn’t seen ‘the Fighter’ or ‘Black Swan’. Natalie Portman looks different than in ‘Leon - the Professional’ or ‘V for Vendetta’

Then we arrived in Bunbury a bit early and sailed slowly into the harbor. What a lovely approach this was – beautiful flat glassy ocean and a lovely little seaside town with long beaches along the coast.

At the dock we had a welcome committee – as you can see, the group were small, select but enthusiastic and the band was competent and dedicated – sitting, playing and singing in 90degree heat with flies galore and mozzies.

Took a shuttle the 1.5 miles into the town center – past some gorgeous houses overlooking the harbor. The townsfolk had set up a market there of crafts and trinkets (and a wine tasting which was free). 

At every corner there was a volunteer “town ambassador” to answer any questions you might have and point you in the right direction. We swelled the towns population by about 2%. So this might have been a big deal

Took a picture down Prinsep street – this was the E –W street leading from the market, then down Victoria Street – the N-S street we had to take to get to the Post Office. Incredibly friendly folk everywhere we went in (and believe it or not some of us managed to spend a bit here)

Outside the Post Office was the War Memorial for those lost in the first WW. There must be one in every town in Australia. This is a small town and must have been even smaller in 1914-1918 yet look at the list of those killed in Gallipoli and France it was pretty long. So sad.

Then wandered back down Victoria Street looking for a telephone booth to call Nita in Melbourne. When, surprise, across the street we see a South African Store!!!! Lovely lady inside – from Jo’burg via Knysna and PE has been here 8 years. Apparently there is a large contingent of South Africans here. Hardly surprising, there were at least four surf shops in the town center. Bought Fish Paste, Biltong ( 1Kg) and dry Sausage (Droe Wors). So happy. Then ‘phoned Nita.

Not sure who the gentleman is that posed for the sculpture but check out the hair in his ears! More detail than one usually volunteers for. Also had to celebrate those Australian greats – the Wiggles.

A trip full of surprises – what a lovely seaside town. Could be a lovely weekend place to spend time - hmmmmmm


  1. Didn't miss much on the Oscars. A bit of a snooze.

  2. Looking good, papa! Mmm... Biltong.