Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Caffeine-containing beverages – or how one can fill a retirees day

Hello all friends / followers / family. Today was our fifth day at sea (with Pitcairn a kind of an interlude) – we better get used to it because its 5 days from Tahiti to New Zealand and 10days from Dubai to Maputo.

We have no problem with this suspended state / limbo because we have found the small things that make life worthwhile.

As anyone who knows Michael knows – he is a confirmed caffeine addict. He started off by drinking the “coffee” readily available all day at the buffet – only to discover it was coffee essence and tasted awful. Next he started “rolling his own” – had the plunger, the coffee grounds the whole thing. Tasted better and the buzz was good but this was not good for the ships plumbing – coffee grounds may have an unpredictable effect on washbasin or toilet drainage. Now today, the answer to world tension. The coffee bar card. For $25 the junkie was able to buy a card that gives him………tadaaaaa…. Unlimited brewed coffee and 15 specialy brews ie cappuccino – the nectar of the Gods. Whats more, junkies spouse in the interest of his rapid pulse rate, found a coupon!!!!!!! Buy one (coffee bar card) and get one free – so, for $25 – unlimited brewed coffee X2 PLUS 30 capuccinos – remember, the nectar of the Gods. All is well in the land.

Meantime, Merle, not to be outdone, discovered the…… tadaaa…… special teas only available for coffee bar card holders.  Among the available tea delights she discovered the tea of the Gods – white Pear Tea each teabag in an individual package box.

Now truly Equanimitas has been created


  1. Love your Blogs. Must tell you that there was a story in, of all places, The Cincinnati Enquirer entitled 'Indigenous Easter Island protesters evicted'. Police on Easter Island raided a luxury hotel and evicted protesters who are battling for ancestral lands and a larger share of profits from tourists who come to see the statues. Written by Michael Warren - Assoc Press if you want to google. You see I am learning from your trip! Keep well and enjoy.Love Steph

  2. White pear tea...that sounds delish! Regarding Alaska, George has wanted to go for so long so we would both say, go for it. I hear that the Alaskan cruises are great. So, the title of your book..."Cruising the world in search of the perfect brew". XO

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  4. Our family has enjoyed following your blog. Thank you for letting us tag along on your journey! So impressed you found a coupon for the coffee bar - well done!

  5. Mmm... Bring home pear tea bags! I'm wondering about the coffee grounds issue... Block the pipeline for everyone on your hall? Xoxo

  6. $25 seems like a steal to keep the caffeine flowing through the veins.