Friday, February 4, 2011

Easter Island resonances

First off, I want to thank those of you who were kind enough to forgive my neglect of the photos taken of them with the moai. I cant imagine how I failed to include them in last night / this mornings blog.
Suzanne and Niki. For posterity here you are, in the flesh.

Not the only confusion I suffered today. We fell back one hour last night and will again tonight and the next two nights. This is all apparently due to a) time zones and the earths rotation and b) the Chileans and their ownership of Easter Island. I can explain the latter better than the former. Apparently Easter Island is in the same time zone as Edmonton AB ie 2hours behind NYC and Chile, but Chile wants the Island to share the same time as the mainland so a quick time correction is needed. Andy, Alex, Maddie or Aiden can explain the geographical issue.

We are heading for Pitcairn Island – home of 50 people, 40 of whom are descended from the HMS Bounty mutineers. Much interest in the lectures and movies on the ship about the Mutiny and its consequences, with two dueling lecturers each with a different viewpoint. We are told that the “Bounty Trilogy” by Hall and Nordhoff makes excellent reading on the subject – the three volumes are “Mutiny on the Bounty”  (from which the movies have been based), “Men against the Sea” (Bligh’s story) and Pitcairns Island (the post-mutiny story of the mutineers)

Tonight was formal dining so thought we would regale you with the menu and us in our regalia. Are you regaled?

Thanks to Jenn and Margi for lovely comments


  1. You guys clean up nicely!!! Hope your dinner was delish.....Easter Isl;and looks amazing........I guess no information as to how statues moved to their spot.......I'm telling ya'....aliens!!! Thanks for posting my picture....NY very cold. We're promised more snow/rain on Saturday....see what you're missing!

  2. I can't decide between the lobster tail with crab cake or the pork chop???
    What did you have?

  3. Here I am hungry again! What a delightful menu. Must agree with Sam, totally regaled. You both look wonderful!!!

  4. GORGEOUS PHOTOS of you 2!!!!! Love the pretty top noonie is wearing and Papa, you are dashing in your formal attire :) Miss you! PS lol on the easter island pics-- middle of nowhere texas has NOTHING on the real deal. I am so interested to hear about the next stop!

  5. I'm very jealous of everything I've read and impressed with all of the photos. As I continue to read I ponder creating my own blog surrounding my work travels: beezwiththecoldsneez as I will be traveling to MN next week and SD in two weeks.