Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday at Sea

Today we continued sailing almost due west towards Pitcairn Island. It was a magnificent day. I lay in the sun and baked to a pinkish brown and (despite pointed comments regarding the health consequences) am happily planning to become increasingly bronzed over the next months.

My other major pastimes continue to be the morning and afternoon Bridge sessions – I am becoming increasingly aware of how little I know which tells me I am learning the game and going to the gym and doing penance for the plentiful and lovely food.

Merle had a few days when she was under the weather but emerged unscathed today back to the coveted spot. All happens around her. The two portrayed gentlemen carved the veggies you see attached. A Japanese lady came by and asked if she could watch Merle at work, which she then went ahead and did!

The lecturer on Mutiny on the Bounty made an interesting point yesterday. Captain Bligh had as his mission the collection of Breadfruit tree plantings from Tahiti to be taken to the West Indies where the fruit was to be used to feed slaves. He set out from England and first attempted to get to Tahiti by going around Cape Horn; weather and tides prevented that so he turned around and headed across the South Atlantic  past the Cape of Good Hope. The point is that these sailors had been at sea 10months continually by the time they reached Tahiti. For us on the cruise 4 days at sea seems to drag. No wonder the sailors with Bligh were a bit grumpy

We’ll get the fictional version tonight – they are showing the Marlon Brando version of Mutiny on the Bounty on the big screen.

Have opened my Chilean wine and honestly, its very drinkable. Very cheap, but very drinkable. Cheers y’all. Go Steelers!!


  1. Love the way vegetables are served. Wish those guys would come to my place and do the same. I've watched too much Downton Abbey and craving staff!! Have begun working on my submission for Bead Dreams. It's a bracelet and looking rather eccentric but for me, that's a good thing!

    Michael, be careful of that sun and use something with a high SPF!!!
    Nurse Crachet knows about these things.

  2. This is one pasty white dude who says go for it. Am stumped as to what the body of the mouse is made of. Some pretty artistic presentations.

  3. I love that Nonnie is so popular. Glad she is feeling better too. Bubs caught a cold and is staying home today with cough, sneezing and running nose.