Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Food for the mind and yummy for the tummy

Thought we would show you the spectrum of activities that can keep one occupied here on the ship.

At 10am today Commendatore Alfredo Marzi – the Executive Chef for Princess Cruise lines did a culinary demonstration that Merle attended. Today he showed how to prepare a quail with risotto dish and baked Alaska. The theater was packed and at the end of the demo he handed out a folio of recipes that Merle collected. He is going to be doing a series of such demos that we will keep you abreast of. Apparently the baked Alaska looks a bit worse for wear because the meringue fell out of its container!!

The place we spend more time, though, is the library.

As you can see the library is set up very comfortably and it is a lovely room – its like the library in a grand home.
Obviously it is well stocked with books provided by the cruise line, also every day there are summary newspapers from the US, Canada, Germany and UK; also Sudoku, a crossword and a trivia quiz. Jigsaw puzzles are available to work on and there is always one in process.

They provide a reference section that includes travel books from all over the world and the big National Geographic atlas I use all the time to see where we are and where we will be. Who can identify what map has just been looked at?

Merles favorite section is the paperback exchange – she visits it many times each day – its where the guests leave their books and swop for new ones. So far this trip we have taken and are reading – 1776 by David McCullough, The Beekeepers Apprentice by Laurie R King, The Great Railway Bazaar – Paul Theroux and the 19th Wife by David Ebershoff.

This is a really amazing voyage of self-discovery don’t you think?  


  1. if i had a kid i would name her commandatore

  2. Who'd of thought that we're not the only ones missing South Bend. Preparing for your Great Lakes cruise I suspect.

  3. Something about libraries make me feel calm, cozy and happy. I am instantly at peace when in one...must be the "shush" factor. It's all so beautiful, food and books too.

  4. I think your journey sounds phenomenal... And, I think you were retracing path from highland park to cincinnati :)

  5. So when you guys come home, will Merle be able to make me a Baked Alaska or Baked Cruise Ship or Baked something????

    I love any room with lots of books in it......I always felt there was some sort of osmosis process going on...as though I could absorb all the information from the books by just being in the room.