Monday, February 7, 2011

Lost In Space

One of our fellow passengers went on a tour of the Bridge today and was shown the electronics involved in identifying our position, the depth of the ocean, all surrounding traffic and our course to the next stop. Demonstrating the Radar scan at distance and near the officer showed her that we are the only ship for miles and miles. All alone on this huge expanse of deep ocean!!

You can see the effect it has on me – this solitude – there I am sitting on my balcony drinking my morning cappuccino with my iPhone hopefully at my side. The iPhone, of course, never rings since I have it on airplane mode; it never gets any data since Data Roaming is off; and it never gets any e-mails since I am on e-mail withdrawal. Merle even gets more than me. It is a great comfort to me though to have it at my side, out of its case ready to spring into action at the tiniest beep…………. A bit of a nutcase, have more coffee mbee!

Today was the lunch of all lunches – Café de Paris. Look at the pate and cheese platters with lovely bread – and Im not even showing you the lovely hot dishes and desserts. So tasty! Loved it – then did a good elliptical to compensate.

What does everybody think of Alaska as a destination? Votes please


  1. I would love to see Alaska if it was warmer! I think it's quite funny how our phones become like a limb. What would we all do without technology?!?

    Was invited to a private cocktail party reserved for the most "influential families at Dawson" not sure how we made the list, but I will be attending solo Wednesday evening at one of the trustees homes. Fancy!

  2. Alaska sounds great. I've been looking for someone to climb Denali with.

  3. Yes! Yes, you should absolutely go to Alaska!

  4. Exactly when will you be going to Alaska??? I guess you're not tired of traveling yet. And you might need some warmer clothing.....