Friday, February 25, 2011

A Day In Beautiful Adelaide

Arrived in Adelaide this morning at 7am. Weren’t quite sure what we were going to do with our time here – originally had a tour of the wine areas in the Barossa Valley but that was cancelled because we had insufficient time in port; then had a tour of the city and chocolate factory but decided that was a bit tame. We had heard that in Port Adelaide (where we dock; 40 min drive from Adelaide itself) there were a few interesting museums – a Railway Museum, the South Australia Aircraft Museum and the Seahorse factory (don’t ask) but turns out they weren’t close either.
When we came off the ship out of the terminal there were lots of lovely local volunteers who were very helpful and they suggested the free shuttle bus into town which we duly took. It was a great idea.

Adelaide is a lovely little city, lovely parks, its called the City Of Churches; also the City of Festivals. Was a wonderful day – warm but not humid. Ocean like a millpond. Lots of boats – speedboats and sailing boats of all sizes.
It was founded by religious dissenters and was free of “the convict stain” of Sydney. The city was built to a plan on the banks of the Torrens River – there is a one mile grid of City Center Streets then terraces to the north, south east and west of parkland. Saw the cricket stadium with a statue of Sir Donald Bradman (look it up ignorami), also a Sir D B street. He was a local biggie obviously.
Found a pedestrian area with shops, statues everywhere and buskers and sidewalk entertainers. Called the Rundle Mall. It was great – walked around for two or so hours. Took some pics of the sights – four bronze pigs are immortalized and the kids love them and play with them – they have names that unfortunately escape me.

Lovely fountains, in the Mall and all over the city – where is waldo? I mean Michael? Lurking with bags full of glass chickens!!!!!!!

You meet the most amazing people in a Mall – heres a Startrooper (or whatever) with whoever; heres Michael with Michael (Farrell that is).

 BTW those silver things you can see to mb's left are another artwork - the mall balls!!!!!!
Came back to the ship in time for a bit of grub then, at 4pm we were off again. Escorted out by Scuffy the TugBoat.

We’ll be back to Adelaide for sure. Lovely lovely city


  1. Attention all personnel. Incoming wounded. Captains Berelowitz and Honeycutt report to the O.R. immediately! Move it, sirs

  2. wow. not sure where to start with this one... but, then again... I am an ignorami ;) mall balls indeed.

  3. This post, in particular, made me chuckle multiple times! Love the glass chickens :) They will look perfect in apartment!