Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine’s Day – 2011

Well Happy Valentines Day to all!!!! It is yet to be for many of you but for us, in the South Pacific, on the Love Boat, Valentines Day arrives early.

For the scientific among you think about this; the Date changes two ways the way our clock / calendar works. First at midnight we went from Saturday 12th to Sunday the 13th just like everywhere else. BUT then, at about 2am we crossed the International Date Line from East to West so our Calendar automatically moved from Sunday 13th to Monday 14th. In two hours I aged two days!!!!!!

We thought we would share our Valentines Day images with you – they need little explanation.

Merle’s shoes, bought in Brighton, Victoria, Australia – so cute.

The Park of Love – Miraflores, Lima, Peru.

Sweet treats for Valentines Day lunch

Deck activities – Ice Carving of an Angel, then the Pacific Princess Choir singing “the Rose” conductor is David Crathorne – onboard musician from Cape Town.

Enjoy your day to come – thinking of y’all – m ‘n m


  1. Happy Valentine's Day! We miss and love you! Lael, Jenn, Andy, and Aiden

  2. I have been thoroughly enjoying your blog and accompanying photos...this one is so very "sweet". Looking great for all that aging you're doing on the Love Boat. We got to share our love with your lovies, the Bests, this weekend. It fills my heart when we get to do that. Hugs & Kisses being sent all the way to the Pacific.

  3. Happy Love Day! Love the photos love the blog love you both.

  4. lol to the date line thing papa

  5. Think I will call you Benjamin button from now on. Love love...

  6. Happy Valentines Day. Safe, smooth sailing

  7. hey there., you with the stars in your eyes.............
    i love your trip i am living victoriously thru it,,
    Pitcairn must be a geneticists dream
    they are out of house arrest by now...
    Dennis could meet you in freemantle and say hi..

  8. Loved the desserts....would have to have tried them all.....I think I'm gaining weight just reading this blog.........and I LOVE Merle's shoes.......they're fab...