Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Oscars

For many of you tonight is the Oscars – normally we would be watching. Merle would watch the red carpet; I would check in and out of the awards themselves making sure that The Kings Speech won all the appropriate kudos – best actor / actress / supporting this and that etc.

Sadly, we will not be watching this year. Its not carried on any of the channels they have on our TV. Mostly what we see are the lectures carried out as part of the educational program on board and news programs. The news programs are BBC WorldNews – so that’s all about third world newscasters talking endlessly about Libya, Bahrain, Egypt etc. Then a few US news stations ie MSNBC et al where people shout at each other a lot and talk endlessly about Wisconsin.

Merle did want to show her attempt at the red carpet though and highlight what not to wear to the Oscars!!

As we transit westward from Adelaide to Perth it is remarkable that we entered an electronic – free zone. We have had no ‘phone or Wi Fi signal for over 24 hours so haven’t really been able to blog or get any e-mails. Do have a connection right now so wanted to get this out.

Tomorrow at 2pm we will be arriving in Bunbury, Western Australia. No-one is quite sure why. We will however take the opportunity of taking a shuttle bus into town (Pop 30000). Just wander around. We’ll follow up tomorrow with our adventures


  1. Wont they broadcast tomorrow? Did you have an opportunity to see kings speech? I went to black swan w Jenny K last week... Sam and I saw social network and the fighter over dec break. Academy loves royalty

  2. Is this the swimsuit edition of your blog?