Monday, February 21, 2011

Special Sights Seen in Sydney

Today was our second day in Sydney – end of the first leg of our cruise; many passengers disembarked – among them people we had got to know and like; new passengers embarked and are currently mooching around looking lost. What it is to be a veteran! Perks include not having to do the lifeboat drill which has just completed.

Thought we would compile a small series of pictures of things that caught our fancy.
Walked through the Rocks this morning on our way to doing nothing special. Saw this nest and new-laid egg – can you imagine the size of this bird my friends? Is it an ostrich or a Moa? Hmmmmmmmm

Then passed the Lord Nelson Brewery Hotel established in 1842 – Sydney’s oldest hotel it is said.

Wandered around the shopping areas – so what’s new – and went into the Strand Arcade. A beautiful building, well maintained. Lovely stores – eclectic – modern design, antiques, old watches. 

As is usual you can see people drinking their tea or coffee – some more stoned than others. Flat white as usual is the best coffee to order and, while its best in Melbourne, its pretty decent in Sydney.

Note the decorative steel girders holding up the roof – decorative is SA ie Strand Arcade, the Magen David is what keeps the roof up

Walking back to the ship we pass the cut through the rocks bordering Hickson Street. At the start of the Hungry Mile is a big hairy spider. Whats really scary though are the stairs to nowhere……..oooooops

The wharf beyond our in Darling Harbor is Walshes. Took some pics of the condos and their playthings. This is how I want to spend my retirement – Oz; the water; height of luxury. Time to disembark and recalibrate. Change of Address Card to Lael and Niki will follow. this will be where we will be living!

So sad to hear about the Earthquake in New Zealand………


  1. Great photos. Glad to hear the earthquake didn't rock your world.

  2. I see that no matter how things change, they remain the same - you're moving and I'm being notified in writing. How has technology changed?1996 - generic flyer via Print Shop. 2011 - blog. Will you be climbing the harbor bridge?