Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Quiet Day at Sea v2.0

I just asked Merle for todays schedule so I can share with you some of the choices we have to make during the course of a day at sea – this is a very important consideration since we have five such days until we reach Auckland and its really easy to simply lie back and be served.

Had a conflict at 9.00 am – Catholic Mass or Bridge lessons? I’m afraid this is no contest and Father Bill Gold, a lovely happy roly poly man has to give way to Michael and Sue the Australian Bridge teachers. Merle gets herself together and heads for the coveted spot on the deck to work, have brekker and hold court.

Bridge finishes by about 10.30am and by then I have already missed “Introduction to Stargazing Onboard”, “Bible Study (Gospel of John)”, “Ballroom Dance – Swing Part1” and the “Toastmasters International Get-Together”.

Two of my Bridge quartet came and sat at the coveted spot being shown all of Merles wares while I went to bake in the sun ‘till noon. In so doing I missed the “Book Club” who were discussing Big Bad Wolf by James Patterson, the “Mexican Fire Opal” event, “Morning Trivia Quiz” and “Bingo”. I am quite exhausted from missing all these activities – I need to wipe my brow for sure.

Next was the “Taste of Asia Luncheon Buffet” which was beautifully set up but it was the fruit that really caught our attention – first see the fruit on the dock in Tahiti; Next, see the fruit at the luncheon buffet. Had PawPaw and Pineapple – yum.

During the lunch break much is offered to save you from yourself – “margarita Madness demo”, the “Pacific Princess World Cruise Choir practice” with David from CapeTown and Poolside music with Chico and Dawn (don’t ask)

After this rather exhausting interlude it was back to Bridge for me from 2-3.30. Merle eventually came back to the cabin. An entire repertoire of activity took place in the meantime – the “Shopaholics” interest group meeting; the “SeaWitch Stitchers” Get together; A review lecture of “the United States Constitution” or by contrast “Arts and Crafts: Valentines Cards”; then the  Cancer Survivor group.

By now we needed a nice cup of tea (or at least one of us did) then it was a lecture on the life and work of Robert Louis Stevenson ( to which we went) entitled “Treasured Islands”. I learned much about the author of Treasure Island (which I have on my shelf at home – Barmitzvah gift) and Jekyll and Hyde. Sadly I was not able to do Carpet Bowls as a result and missed my AA (Friends of Bill W) meeting and Afternoon Quiz time.

5.15 was the Sabbath Eve Service providing us bookends to the day of potential religious improvement – neither of which we accepted. Hell in a handbasket.


  1. How do you two pass up "Ballroom Dance – Swing Part1." Maybe tomorrow. Give us some updates on your bridge playing. Making a few extra ducats on the side?

  2. I am holding my sides, laughing so hard! Very funny- today, papa! I love how exhausted you are by skipping all the activities offered during the day. congrats on your new found passion for bridge- the food looks amazing. I love the birds, sitting on branches of fresh ginger. You know what they say about hell in a bucket... at least you are enjoying the ride. love you.

  3. Lovin' the blog. Feels like I'm reading Mark Twain's "Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World". If its in your ship's library - you should check it out in between bridge, mahjong, and dancing with swingers.

  4. how on earth will u have enough time to do all of the activities???