Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cobalt Blue Sea

Today was a lovely day for ocean cruising – the sea is relatively calm and is a deep deep cobalt blue. Temperature warm but comfortable. Heading South West from Lima for Easter island arriving tomorrow morning early.

Easter Island or Rapa Nui is very small (60 sq miles) and very mysterious in many ways. It is geographically one of the most isolated places on earth – approximately two thousand miles from continental South America and Australasia. It represents the Eastern-most element of the Polynesian triangle – Hawaii / Easter Island / New Zealand.
It is believed it was originally settled about 400-700AD (no-one is sure from where) maybe Asia, maybe South America. Local civilization flourished with the development of a unique culture – religion, language and writing. Originally the island was forested and cultivated
Europeans (Jacob Roggeveen from Holland) arrived on Easter Sunday 1722 and round about this time – presumed to be because of a growing population and deforestation – tribal rivalries decimated the population. In the 1800s Peruvian slave traders abducted a large percent of the population then after the abolition of slavery returned them to the island with all sorts of nasty diseases. About 3500 people live here today.
The most interesting thing to see on the island are the moai statues representing the spirits of chiefs or ancestors– these statues are carved from volcanic rock and vary in size but weigh tons – up to 50 tons or more. How on earth they moved them from the volcanic crater where they carved them to the periphery of the island where they stood / stand is a huge question. Did they use up all the trees this way? Regardless the most weird thing is that all of a sudden they simply stopped making them – the volcanic crater they were made in contains innumerable completed and partially completed moai and the tools etc

More tomorrow after we have experienced the Island and will have pictures and our own impressions

Lying in the sun today, suntanning. Then out of the blue a rainstorm – absolutely bucketed down – then gone as though it never happened.

Supper tonight – having my main course and suddenly realized the enamel (or porcelain or whatever) of my back tooth was gone. Barrys excellent handiwork – the gold filling – is still there but the rest is gone. Interesting dilemma. Middle of nowhere. Any good suggestions? No, going to a dentist on Easter Island is not an option!!!!!!
Bumble Bee - AKA mBee


  1. mine is at the bottom of the red sea... just ask for a detour

  2. I blame Richard and his strong ziploc bag of coffee!

  3. hello beezon7seez !!
    If you get this comment , then I will be thrilled that I have managed to reach you!
    Your blog is terrific! Loving keeping up with your fabulous trip!
    love marilyn xx

  4. The tooth is a problem! Have you checked the gift shop for a dental repair kit? That happened once to my Dad on vacation and he bought this dental repair kit that he used until we got home. You have quite a journey before you get home so stock up!

    On another note, I made 175 bracelets for the Father/Daughter dance this Friday. I was channeling Nonnie all the while.

    Love to both Beez on the Seven Seas.


  5. @bolo... What is at bottom of sea? Your tooth? Can't wait to hear your impressions of Easter island after your visit! Can you get to the crater? Have they left the excess statues in there?

  6. Can you bring back a statue that says "My parents went to Easter Island and brought me back this giant head."?

  7. Wondering if they color the heads the way they color the eggs? Hmmmm