Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Trip Down Memory Lane ………. I think…..

This afternoon at 3.45pm I discovered what happens to people after they leave the public eye. This picture is from a movie that was watched by 106 million people. Until last year and this years Super Bowls the most televised entertainment in history.

Who is the actor on the right? Where is he today? Not even Providence!!! (thats a trivia comment)

Well, here’s the answer – he’s part of our  lectures at sea program. He told us all about how he got into MASH, what it was like being part of the ensemble, and gave us vignettes about the experiences. It was a wonderful career-defining opportunity indeed but this gig does make it seem a bit poignant.

Here is how he looks today, on stage, Pacific Princess, somewhere between Sydney and Adelaide, Australia.

Talking of Adelaide, we have to change time-zones tonight again – usually a self respecting time-zone is one hour. Poor Adelaide – we only change our watches 30 minutes for it.

Next news will be from South Australia and its capital – Adelaide. A city created by free men (and women) not by convicts like those lesser cities to the East


  1. Suffern' saddlesoap! Did you see Hawkeye, Potter, or Hot Lips?

  2. 30 mins... just doesn't make sense to me. I would like to take this opportunity to commend my psychic powers. Refer back to Feb 20th and my MASH reference! How funny! I think that BJ Honeycutt is a genius. Did sam mention that we camped at one of their filming locations (in Malibu) on our sea-to-shining- sea tour.