Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tasman Sea – rollin’ and tumblin’

If you look at a map of the world it looks like New Zealand and Australia are pretty close, and in the world of flight they really are, but on the ocean at 14 knots you can feel a distance between them. Also the Tasman Sea has been a little rougher than we have been used to. Not good for those on bad hips or brittle pegs!!

Today was the last day of the first leg of our trip – passengers are getting off in Sydney (about 200 of them) and will largely be replaced. Next leg is Sydney to Singapore. This is also the end of the contract for many of the crew – Rommel, our trusty steward will be going back home; the replacement will have to get used to the cabin 8019 idiosyncrasies (don’t ask). It is not important to ask why i might have 3 bottles of wine stashed away under the bathroom counter or why there will be more come my return from shopping in Sydney.

Yes!!!! Sydney tomorrow. Looking very much forward to spending time in this beautiful city I love. Got a dentist appointment at 2.50pm – go figure the accuracy of his schedule.

Had pictures taken at last nights formal occasion – Merle wearing her embroidered necklace; me my idiot grin. 

Rodin’s the thinker I thought; just bumped into Italian lady from the dinner table last night – she said she just saw great photos of us on display – Merle looked lovely and I look like Donald Sutherland!!!! Is he still around? Does he do the Rodin thinker pose?

More from New South Wales will follow………..


  1. Mums you look gorgeous. Love the necklace. And Michael you look quite regal as well, as you think about where you'll hide your stash. Enjoy Sydney.

  2. I LOVE these pictures of BOTH of you! Stunning. World cruising agrees w you ;) Donald Sutherland, animal house? MASH perhaps...