Monday, January 31, 2011

Grey Sky, Grey Sea, Rolling Ship Day

The seas have been rough and the weather threatening for the last 24 hours. Its warm and humid but looks like this…..

A smaller number of people have showed up in the public spaces and to activities ie Bridge. This is, of course a good thing when it comes to the gym – you can get the elliptical or one of the weight machines eazzy peazzy. Also the electronic scale says your weight is 170 when the ship goes this way and 190 when it rolls the other so I select the lower number, declare victory and have a pastry for tea.

An addition, I hope not a sad addition, to the lost at sea club was this pathetic little bird sheltering on deck 5 out of the weather. Problem is that it is now one and a half days sailing away from shore and I have no clue whether or not they can fly such distances. Of course it might stay on board ‘till Easter Island and add to the ecological diversity there.

Frankie (one of the Entertainment officers) holds discussion groups each day. Todays discussion was about purchases people have made along the way that they wished to share with each other and ultimately about a “white elephant” sale he wishes to hold of extra / unwanted purchases. Merle can be seen with the microphone as she talks about her purchase of the hat and critters and creation of the Panamanian masterpiece. Many ooohs and aaahs were to be heard and all in the room were in awe.

Getting closer to Easter Island …. Really looking forward – just a reminder to all of what we are going to see.
 BTW - Sam reminded us in his insightful (and underrecognized) responses that he had been in Lima and had gone to the Gold Museum - hope I got it right Prof :-)


  1. Love that Noonie has a following! Her sombrero is fantastic...It's fun getting glimpses of your ship.... On a somber note, I am concerned about the lil birdie... hopefully he will find a nest on Easter island. Great job with the blog MBee! Looking forward to it each evening

  2. My girlfriend Merle looks like the youngest person in the room!!! The hat is becoming famous......So it was just announced on the late night news another fabulous snow and ice storm is coming our way and just about everyone else's.... Michael, I love your weight loss program. Perhaps I can get my scale to go "this way" on the numbers as well.

    And when the seas are rough, do people get seasick or does everyone already have their "sea legs?"

  3. If it's alright, I'll take your higher number. Can't wait to see the photos of Easter Island. I recognize this a PG blog, but if you could also get a nice shot of a Masked Booby ...

  4. whats been your favorite spot so far??????

  5. Aiden and I love the embelishments that have been added to the hat. Brilliant souvenier!