Thursday, January 27, 2011

A slow day at sea

 Today was our second day at sea between Ecuador and Peru. We are staying parallel to the coast of South America and the big excitement ocean-wise was our sighting of a huge pod of dolphins travelling alongside – first this morning then again this afternoon.

As usual our daily activities were relatively circumscribed – I wake up at 8am and head off for the first of my two Bridge classes for the day. Starts at 9am and I am always at the same table. Have been progressing in my understanding though I have a long way to go.
Then I lay at the pool and read / did Sudoku while Merle secretly took a picture!! You can see how packed the pool is. 

At 12.45pm there was a meeting of Medical professionals from the passengers just to get to say Hi. Met a few interesting people.
In the meantime Merle, while holding court in her coveted location, had connected with a lady from Huddersfield UK who wanted to learn beading. She and her husband are getting off in Sydney and touring Oz for a month – something we want to do so they told us about their plans

As usual Lunch was special and as you can see Merle was given oversight over the desserts

Afternoon was Bridge again for me – playing hands this time under our teachers guidance. Fun. Then to the gym for my daily workout – I am going to be in great shape (probably spherical) by the time I get off this tub.

Quiet night. Watching a DVD. Early start and long bus-ride to Lima tomorrow. Should be more interesting news tomorrow


  1. Looking relaxed and quite at home... Did you get any photos of the dolphins? Look forward to your next port...

    mmm.... dessert.

  2. This supposed to be a relaxful vacation. Bridge and elliptical sound pretty taxing to me. You might want ask that ref about the supposed Tyree catch in the 2008 superbowl. The Pats were jobbed on that one.