Friday, January 21, 2011

A Day in port at Grand Cayman

It seems repetitive but to day was a beautiful warm, almost hot summers day for our first day back on land.
Sailed in slowly towards Grand Cayman and could watch it get closer and closer from the balcony. As you can see we don’t dock but actually anchor out in the bay then use the lifeboat tenders and local craft to go from the ship in to shore.

Anchored at about 10am; gathered in the Casino lounge together with others who were not going on an organized tour (we decided we had been here many times before so the Island tour or the turtle farm held no special charm). Our plan was to wander around downtown
The tender brought us to an area where all the people from the cruise ships land (there was also a Royal Caribbean ship that arrived when we did) and all the locals offering tours etc try and convince you to go with them.
Then did our little wander. Didn’t buy the watch-of-my-dreams at Kirk Freeport – Merle thought $26,000 for a Lange & Sohne Lange 1 moonphase was a bit extravagant (?). apparently so was the Breguet and the Patek. Bah humbug! Wait until I bring in some discretionary consulting dosh…….
No supermarket was conveniently located so purchase of peanuts was put off until Ecuador. No drugstore convenient so some supplies delayed.
Did buy our allocation of a bottle of wine each for the room. Yayyy  -  I just opened one and got the glasses
Saw this wonderful fish seller with his wares right down at the waters edge, freshly caught, see the Red Snapper. 

Now back on board; ready for dinner – a toast with our newly bought wine----- cheers!


  1. Great day! First vacation.... Then discretionary consulting dosh, lol. Turtle farm, not. What about pirate cave inhabited by donkey?

  2. Maybe Merle can sell enough jewelry to pay for the trip!!!

  3. Sure you can find a version of the watch on the streets of NYC for five dollar...granted, it may not work in a week. Enjoy the wine ...

  4. Love the top photo...beautiful blues, even in Doc's super-cool shades :)