Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sailing toward the canal

This morning I read in our daily newspaper “Princess Patter” that there was to be a lecture at 11am entitled “the legend of Jackie Kennedy’s Jewels” I left my coveted spot on the deck early in order to make sure that I would get a good seat. To my dismay I found I was to be “an audience of one” and therefore if I found that if I was bored I would not be able to make a discreet getaway – the lecturer would be sure to notice.
I asked her to skip over the slides of earrings and rings as I was more interested In necklaces and bracelets but she responded that she could not do that as she would lose her train of thought so I told her to talk quick as I did not want to miss my lunch!!

Today, lunch was a Mexican theme as you can see below the buffet was beautifully decorated. Check out the desserts – they were especially yummy.

Tonight was our first formal dinner so we got all dressed up – most of the passengers took it seriously – the men in Tuxedos – but Michael opted for the suit and before the dinner is suitably pensive


  1. First I had to chuckle over you being the only one at the Jackie lecture and then wanting to rush the speaker so as not to miss lunch. And if lunch if the big activity of the day, I hope you bought lots and lots of beads with you!

    Second, if I spent just a week on board with all that food and desserts, I would have to be hoisted off the ship at the end of one week!!! You best be going to the gym with Michael is all I can say!!!!! Nothing gossipy to tell you. Everything status quo here. Still working on my's taking me forever. This is the weekend Charon in Palm
    Beach for show. Curious to find out reaction to my new bracelets.....

    Love your posts.......let me know what the next "big" lecture is going to be about....Do you think the speaker felt rejected...LOL!!!

  2. Tell Michael to cheer up....he's only got another 11 weeks to go!!!!!

  3. You're leaving us hanging. What was the legend of Jackie's Jewels? Did they once belong to Marilyn Monroe? Did she steal them from Rose? Your fans need to know.

  4. I met with Marcia DeCoster today for brunch. She brought with her the newest piece she made using the ribbon. I have to tell you it is absolutely exquisite. It's not official yet but she won't be showing or teaching it until 2012 and at a very interesting retreat that I think you and I should consider. It'll be in 2012 in October and in Georgia. Also on the bill with her will be Sherry Serafini, Huib Peterson, Diane Fitzgerald and Laura McCabe. I am going to consider this retreat...It's a great group and I want to make Marcia's piece. It's beautiful in person. The only thing Marcia said was the hotel rates were expensive.....around $180 a night......You fly into Georgia someplace and then have to drive for another hour......It might be worth it in the long run...We"ll "tawk" about it when you return........

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what you create inspired by this...