Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peru – Day 2

We are once again on the High Seas – This time heading into the mid-Pacific Ocean from the coast of South America. Our next port of call is Easter Island which is 3.5 days sailing from Callao.

Last night we went to our first showtime in the main showlounge. The show was put on by a troupe of Peruvian musicians, singers and dancers and it was a fantastic performance. We arrived too late for a decent seat (7.45pm for 8pm show) so we were at the very back and couldn’t get very good ‘photos. Wont make that mistake again. Similar local talent will come on board at all our major stops to do their traditional enetertainment. Merle is looking forward to the Haka.

This group was notable for the mix of Spanish (colonial) and Indio music and then a range of dances from the more formal classical Spanish dancing to Amazon Indian to a more modern Peruvian folk dance. The colors of the costumes were remarkable and really inspired Merle for her next creations.

The dancers pulled some of the audience onto the floor for their last number – check out the lady who was barely able to keep her slacks up!!

This morning Merle did a bit of shopping at dockside while I went to the gym; did yesterdays blog and then, after lunch, went to play Bridge (which I am really enjoying)

Its Saturday night at sea so needless to say we will go to bed early with a bottle of wine and watch a movie – tonight is Pride and Prejudice – have to see Colin Firth again


  1. Pix look good to me! Sounds quite amazing so far. Hey, more snow coming to top the records that have already been broken in NYC. Needless to say, we wish we were laying by the pretty pool too. My father in law is a life master bridge player, been at it for most of his 77 years. He still plays in bridge clubs often down in FL so I commend you for learning this complicated game. Xo

  2. Marg beat me to it re: pictures and bridge! Are you playing with others just learning? Miss you...

  3. I'm enjoying the cruise...and Merle, you do me proud. Keep up that shopping!!! Pictures are'd make a great travel writer.

    You'll be jealous to know we're getting more snow on Tuesday....