Sunday, January 30, 2011

There is method in our madness……..

Happy Birthday Lael!!! I’ve said it before (36 times) and I’ll say it again!! Happy n healthy.

Also many thanks to our faithful commentators / followers – you are all very kind. Margie, Niki, Suzanne – have to single you out for all the nice things you say about our commentary!!

We have now been on the ship for 11plus days and we are learning certain tricks of travel.
First, I, of all people, overpacked. I have always been a fanatic for travelling light and on this occasion I overdid it with the formal / semi-formal clothes.

Second, while I have taken on this cruise to turn my mind around I underestimated the importance of good coffee. The coffee available plentifully on the ship at any hour is coffee essence-based –arrrrgggggghhhh! The horror. Merle came up with the solution. In Lima, at the Museum of Gold and weapons that can kill you in many ways she went shopping and ….. tadaaa … found Peruvian ground roast coffee (Caff and decaff) and a plunger. All you do is add water, press, pour and add creamer – the shaking then stops and the pulse races again.

Merle has started developing a cult, today a lady appeared at the coveted table and quietly simply sat down, took out her needle point and contentedly started sewing. Its like even on the ship my life is shared with these crafty folks!

There was a method to Merles madness in supporting local starving artists. She bought the Panama Hat in Montecristo, Ecuador where they also gave her a hat band. In lima, while we were walking from site to site she purchased the beautifully hand-made critters from urchins for a few $$$$$. 

Today she earned the oooohhs and aaaahs of the Cult by sewing the little thingies onto her hatband, and coming up with a personalized statement. All the other ladies regret having shooed the kids away.

Had a lecture on Easter Island a short while ago. Loved it and it will definitely be a highlight. More tomorrow…….


  1. I tell ya', who else but Merle could find a coffee press and coffee among instruments of death. On the other hand, bad coffee could be the death
    of any caffeine drinker.

    And leave it to Merle to make a fashion statement by adding a hat band.
    It looks great. Bring more back and sell at Barneys. It'll be an instant hit!

    Michael, find out who built those mysterious statues on Easter island!!!

  2. NO GOOD COFFEE?!! shenanigans! will you be ok? i think we may have to fedex a 2cup coffee maker and chock full of nuts to you two!

  3. (btw....can't wait to see easter island pics!)

  4. I love the hat!
    Would love to be sitting beading with Merle watching the sea go by

  5. Firstly, you are welcome. A tiny piece of my spirit is with you and it's been fun. Secondly, I understand how important good coffee is so your roasted beans and press sound like a great find. I love the hat Momma B, you're so creative that it's no wonder you have a flock gathering around you. Xo

  6. Psyched about Easter Island. Hope you get a photo of the aliens.

  7. Can not wait to see the photos! Not at all surprised to hear of the crafting going on. I'd try and befriend Nonnie too!