Thursday, January 20, 2011

West of Cuba – Day 2

Today was our first full day at sea. Beautiful weather so we scooted upstairs to grab some breakfast (coffee for me) and a place by the pool. So funny, no need to rush, all the deck chairs were empty!!!!  Merle snagged a convenient table in the shade so she could bead and I went for a workout.
The gym is well equipped and was packed (vs the poolside – see above). Luckily I was able to get an elliptical machine and do my 45 min. listening to William Manchesters biography of Churchill. Also got some weights in. all this is supposedly in the interests of eventually being fit enough to do surf camp with Alex then Lael……….. don’t wimp on me guys.
Merle was beading away to the adoring adulation of the crowd. A crew member asked if she would teach – will get back to her. Women came by to observe progress and one guy offered to buy product. So much for strategic seating.
What didn’t we do? Didn’t go to the Panama 101 lecture – will catch it on TV later. Didn’t go to Bridge class – will have to find the teachers tomorrow.
Afternoon was lazy – Merle slept – too much beading excitement. I sat on the balcony and read
Went for drinks – dressed up for the occasion – here is the evidence. As you can see Merle looks rested, I look like a pink zombie (not the drink)

Dinner this evening – went to the dining room for our 8.00pm sitting. We are at a table designed for 10 persons (sounds like a lifeboat) but were the only two at the table. All the poor folks assigned to late sitting were already comatose.
Time now for my coma. Tomorrow is the Caymans and I want to wake up early and see us arrive


  1. Fantastic first day at sea... Love that noonie already making sales. She is going to blow their minds. Lol.

  2. Was just going to echo what Niki said, Momma B selling her goods on Day 1, sweet! You look relaxed and I wish I was waking up in Cayman as well!

  3. Great to hear that you hit the elliptical. And all while you were listening to Churchill. Impressive.

    Make sure you let us know about the eats and any pirate sightings.