Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Water, Water everywhere but not a drop……….. Port Blair

Fortunately thought better of the afternoon at the beach – as indicated in prior blogs – here in Port Blair, Andaman Islands (although they are said to represent a tropical paradise). It turned out to be a Monsoon Rain day – the rain has been bucketing down on (mostly) and off all day. Streets are flooded, sidewalks torrential.

Should have realized when we arrived this morning that the rain was more than usual – note the dock workers sheltering in the building – before going out there to move containers one at a time with a forklift truck!!!!! They do say in the guide that the islands are …” yet to be touched by the amenities of modern life…”

The buses were waiting for those going on tours or, like us, those taking the shuttle into town.

The big thing happening in town was the Aberdeen Bazaar – so, rain or no rain – we took to the sidewalk and walked through the sidestreets.

Was surprised to see that megaenterprise of Cincinnati – P&G – well represented in the bazaar;

along with all of the other markets large and small. 

Took shelter every now and then under an awning – who can spot the Pacific Princess Passenger on the Port Blair sidewalk? 

Just as well the people in the balconies above those sheltering are asked not to spit at them? 

Can you spot the passenger who hooked up with a local for purposes of umbrella sharing?

A few religious icons were obvious – the Hindu shrine

Flower seller for garlands and offerings

Sacred cow and mopeds

One good thing about the rain (said those who were here last trip) was that it eased the smell they experienced. Wasn’t good for my trainers though – came back sodden and schmutzik.

We were happy to get back to the ship and the cabin so we could strip down, dry off all our stuff and have a shower. NO WATER!!!! Supply is turned off.
How ironic is this? Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink!

Happy St Paddy’s Day to all observers and Happy Birthday to Jack H!!!!!

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  1. Free range cow looks a bit undernourished...hope they served better ones onboard