Thursday, March 31, 2011

April 1st

Have recrossed the Equator today and the weather is waaaarm – looking forward to our day off the ship in Victoria, Mahe – Seychelles. Just playing it by ear so we’ll see how it goes.

As you have heard throughout our time on the cruise there is a certain routine one gets into and it is very simple and almost hypnotic. I really can understand why this lifestyle appeals to so many. 
I’ll give you an example of the appeal. Chuck, one of the passengers apparently made some money in business during his career. He is in great physical shape and (hard to tell) probably younger than me. He has chosen to live on the ship 11 months a year. He has a special cabin, gets all sorts of perks and has a great social life  (as you can imagine).
They have a lunch for the frequent travellers – had it yesterday – chef cooks it specially and personally – one couple has the most days on Princess – 1470 days at sea and that’s only on this cruise line.

Our routine is simple – wake up at about 7am – open the curtains and observe another beautiful day in paradise. We go our own way – Merle to breakfast and “the office” – on the swimming pool / open deck under shade where she beads / reads / holds court; I to Bridge – for lessons and playing set hands to learn how to do things right. I have had the same partner since the beginning- Jay and have been in a foursome that has varied over time – Bonnie has been and gone back to Raleigh but Irene has been constant. Our teacher Sue, from Queensland, is very patient and a great player.
At about 10.30 – leave bridge to lie at the pool in the sun and read. I’m sure its not good for the skin but its been great for the mind – real therapy. 

Lunch is an interlude that has assumed less and less importance and more and more lean protein as time has gone by.

Afternoon is more of the same for me but now more competitive at Bridge and more varied for Merle – lectures, discussions, craft groups of various kinds or a lie down. Increasingly there has been pressure for me to fill in with the experienced players – with mixed success – yesterday Sue and I won the competition for the day. At other times Im the goat..

Gym at 3.30 or so for about 45 min – same boring routine but am driven – I have become what I used to mock. Getting fit and doing weights. Imagine in the Equatorial heat and humidity.

Drinks and cocktails in the evening before dinner. Then movies on the DVD / reading / catching up. Sometimes the entertainment but mostly not my scene.

How can this possibly appeal to someone who was so type A? have no idea. But it does. I have little impetus to go back to where my head was at or a facsimile thereof.
Deep huh. Don’t know where all that came from. 

Suffice it to say got the info about Alaskan cruises after dinner tonight and will look at them shortly!!! 
More after Seychelles in a lighter vein


  1. It sounds like a wonderful day to day. It's amazing how quickly the time has flown by. So glad you are enjoying yourselves. Xoxo

  2. Okay, Captain Michael I think you're ready to have your own boat/ship/dingy/row boat!!!

  3. did the crewand/or passengers pull any good pranks

  4. I suspect you are becoming quite a bridge player

  5. The cruises you have planned sound amazing! Alaska has been a dream of ours! This routine you speak of sounds very appealing to happy for you that you were able to embrace it all! 1,460 days at sea...amazing to hear of that lifestyle!