Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A rousing send-off from Fremantle

Left Fremantle after I sent off the blog yesterday and didn’t have a chance to describe the wonderful farewell the town provided us and the Queen Elizabeth as we departed. It was called ‘Purple Haze’

On our return to the ship volunteers gave each of us a purple flag to wave from the open deck as we departed. 

At the same time townsfolk came out during the afternoon and set up chairs and tables and tailgated waiting for our departure (at 5pm). Speedboats were out in the dock keeping track with us and a small ‘plane flew overhead with a purple haze banner. All of this to collect funds for the treatment of kids with Cancer. We all, of course contributed all our Aussie left over money – so we hope it worked out well.

The wharf, and both breakwaters were packed with people waving and shouting their farewells and the rails of the QE were also. Ships horns going – the whole thing. The last we saw of Fremantle – another lovely town, people and experience was the Maritime Museum – like a mini Sydney Opera House.

OK – the winner is……. Brian B – supplier of the first (and only) correct answer opened.
Bader III is a sheep ship! It transports live sheep to the Middle East where they are going to be ritually terminated – Halal. The attachments to the ship in the pictures are bidirectional – food in; gases out – don’t ask!!

The attached highlights the on board problem – the Pakistani crew have not been paid for ages by the Kuwaiti and Jordanian owners and are essentially imprisoned on board with the sheep. Food in, gases out (as I said above)

Merle is sitting on the balcony and we are at a standstill midocean opposite Canarvon WA – turns out one of the passengers needs to be medevac’d off the ship. Don’t know yet illness or injury but they asked earlier for blood donors – Group A or O- (ie not me)

Will let you know more when we do – cheers from the wide blue yonder!!!!


  1. love a purple haze.... I am horrified about your pakastani sheep herders... Given how many blogs I need to catch up with, it is entirely possible that I need to review the previous entry... but, are they stuck there with the sheep indefinitely? I imagine that the send off they will get upon their departure will be unprecedented :)