Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday at Sea

I had little to talk about yesterday or today and have slacked off on the posting but I felt I should share a disappointment I felt today.

We have been sailing North all day between Malaysia and the South East Asia coast towards the Equator (which we crossed mid-afternoon) on an ocean as calm as a millpond. At about 4pm I became aware that we were surrounded by garbage! For the next 2 hours we sailed through a surface covered in every kind of floating debris including areas of oily gunk. Absolutely terrible and so sad.

I hope we do a better job in our hemisphere?


  1. Nothing worse than the ocenanic garbage patches. Post a photo if you got one. Kids should see the long term consequences of pollution.

  2. wow, really? i've never heard of this. please post a pic.

  3. I just saw a commercial about a documentary on a guy who followed some laundry detergent bottle (something like that)... on its journey from washing machine to middle of ocean. truly awful... do you have pictures?