Thursday, March 24, 2011

Just Enjoyin ‘n relaxin

Sailing sedately through the Arabian Sea, the water is as calm as could be, the sky blue and its hot and dry (maybe the desert air or its influence). Tomorrow morning early we arrive in Muscat, Oman. by bad luck or planning its Friday - so the place shuts down for prayers - all are called to the Mosque at approximately 11.30. Makes for a rather slim day of touring - I was planning on seeing the Mosques - which I can now only do from the outside and then go to the Souk (market place) but that will be closed too. So boo to all that.

Going to dinner tonight looked out onto the deck of the 5th floor. Security guards on duty. also on the top deck. 24 hours. watching out for Pirate ships. I think our defense will be to pelt them with left over shishkebabs from lunch.

more tomorrow. Its the 24th today. Happy Birthday Niki!!! 40 years old. Wow......I remember when.........
Jenn celebrated her Birthday this week too. sorry we couldnt be with you both. next time