Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Moving Day

Well, it wasn’t that long ago that I told you about our cruise birthday boy – 101 years old.  The other end of the spectrum (the youngest on the ship) is Tom – he’s 2 years and four months old – got on the cruise in Sydney and is getting off in Cape Town.

Today Tom decided he was going to move the furniture – the deckchairs on the Princess so to speak. He carefully lined them up on the Starboard side then pushed them across the deck to the Port side. Merle captured the action – the excitement of a day at sea and cute to boot! check out the backpack

He’s with his Grandparents on the cruise – at least we consider this to be the likely biological relationship. (otherwise – it’s a miracle). Very adventurous too – they are taking the Blue Train in SA and going to the Vic Falls


  1. Where do we send the grandkids?

  2. Gotta love a determined boy! I see Aiden doing something like this :)