Friday, March 4, 2011

The alcohol policy – as interpreted……

Policy states that passengers are allowed to bring one bottle of wine or champagne per voyage. This is for consumption in the cabin or on the balcony and is subject to a corkage charge if brought into the dining room

We have interpreted this rule rather liberally – please meet the bottles we have purchased along the way – primarily in New Zealand and Australia although there are representatives of South America in line

As you can see, in typical mb fashion they have to form a line – cant make neat piles of bottles – especially given the difficult geometry provided by Tangueray Gin and Ginger Beer syrup which I threw in for completeness. Don’t plan on opening the bottles of water provided so no point in showing them – would be cheating really. Also the coke cans.

Mostly the wine is plonk with screw off caps but hey, the policy said nothing about corks. Only corkage.



  1. Looks like we all know where to go for the party.

  2. Hard habit to break come bermuda ;) I miss you...

  3. Ginger beer syrup? Do you had soda water to make the ginger beer? Sounds awesome. Miss you guys!