Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patricks Day 2011

Don’t normally give it too much thought since living in Chicago – in New York it was more about avoiding the drunken and disorderly on the way home from work for me; but St Patricks Day on the ship was worth observing.

Our trusty deck steward from the Balkans – Predrag by name – was ‘decked’ out in green and very proud to be part of it all. He thought his name was close enough!

The lunch – so often a star of the blog – celebrated the cuisine of the Andaman and Emerald Isles simultaneously – with odd results. 

The main course choices were all Indian – curried lamb, chicken tandoor, pork vindaloo. The fruits were all South East Asia tropical – Durian, Papaya, Dragon Fruit and the desserts were all green!! For a change I broke down and had lunch – at least I had the curries.

The afternoon included an unusual event for the upcoming geography – Piracy training. By International Maritime Law we have to be made prepared for this eventuality. No, they did not give us Uzis or AK-47s. they tell us we must make our way immediately in the the event to our cabins via internal routes, switch off all lights, stay away from the windows and keep our cabin doors open with one of us at the door so the cabin stewards – our line of communication can keep us informed of the plan.

It’s the apocalypse I keep reminding our bridge companions – like ‘On the Beach’ – as we sail serenely on


  1. We had pirates on our Disney Cruise. They sang, danced, and then escorted us to the dessert buffet. It wasn't that bad, actually.