Thursday, April 7, 2011

A big disappointment……….

Our day in Richards Bay has been cancelled due to bad weather. We were due to arrive there around lunchtime and I was scheduled to go on a 7 hour tour of the St Lucia wetlands – a World Heritage Site. I was really psyched and now bummed.
The issue, I am pretty sure, is the following – its not about whether or not its too rough for us to dock – Richards Bay is a major port and we could certainly have docked. The problem was with South African Immigration – they were going to board us at sea, do our passport checks and then clear us as soon as we hit terra firma. Instead they came out on an Inflatable (Zodiac-style) speedboat, got tossed around in the waves and swells and gave up.

So, no Immigration at sea means we do it on docking which chews up the time we had to tour.
Going to cost Princess plenty – each tour was a minimum of $200 per!!!

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  1. Yes, quite a bummer! Down to the wire now...